The Cuban Five logo was designed by Gerardo Hernández. Used with permission.


THE CUBAN FIVE  (Gerardo Hernández, Antonio Guerrero, Ramón Labañino, Fernando González, and René González), a political thriller in the vein of Munich, Bridge of Spies and Battle of Angiers, is the deeply personal true story of five Cuban intelligence agents who willingly gave up their freedom to defend their homeland against Miami-based Cuban-American terrorism. It also the recounts the story of their Cuban-born Ivy League public defender who risks losing not only the trial, but also, his family, his faith in American justice, and even his own life. 

An official Canada-Cuba Treaty Co-Production, the film will be produced by Barrie Dunn of Pictou Twist Pictures,Terry Greenlaw and William D. MacGillivray of Picture Plant Limited, Roberto Smith, Ramon Samada, Carlos de la Huerta, Danilo Leon Alonso of Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industria Cinematográficos. The script by Barrie Dunn is based on the book, "What Lies Across The Water: The Real Story of the Cuban Five" by Stephen Kimber, the personal journal of René Gonzalez, and the recollections and writings of Los Cinco.

Rene Gonzalez's response to the U.S. government's plea offer. Used with permission.

ASSASSIN NATION - An End of Times President, a Senate dominated by a group known as The Brotherhood whose goal is to nudge along the End of Times by creating the conditions outlined in the Book of Revelation, a CIA hell-bent on stopping the progress of China's New Silk Road, a former private military contractor gone missing in Iraq with billions of looted U.S. currency, his sister, Dorothy, herself a former Army interrogator and former Evangelist, on a quest to find him, and a mysterious, but well-meaning Colonel Kurtz-type character all converge on Har Megiddo.  ASSASSIN NATION is a satirical, political thriller about the ultimate ticking time bomb - the end of the world. A work of dramatic fiction, it is, unfortunately for us all, based firmly in reality.

MONA PARSONS - Mona Parsons was a small town girl from Nova Scotia with big city dreams of a career on Broadway. In New York, she met and married a wealthy Dutch industrialist and moved to Holland just prior to World War Two. When war broke out, she joined the Dutch resistance where she soon encountered other young women resistance fighters. Mona was captured by the Gestapo, tried and sentenced to death. She escaped to freedom with a fellow female inmate and trekked across Germany and Holland in her bare feet in the middle of winter. MONA PARSONS is a story of sacrifice and heroism in the face of tyranny. But it is also a story of the moral choices that Mona was forced to make in her fight against tyranny, and how surviving war can be worse than dying from it.

THE HOUSE OF BONAPARTE - Napoleon was not just one of the world’s most influential historical figures, he was a family man from a culture that puts family ahead of everything—vendetta is a Corsican word.


Napoleon never lost his Corsican accent. His Corsican background and family of eight siblings with its large extended clan is the key to Napoleon, to his enlightened ambitions as well his brutal methods learned in the revolutionary, tribal politics of his native island. But his fame has eclipsed these roots and the complex character they created. THE HOUSE OF BONAPARTE is the story of an ambitious clan from a Mediterranean island who became the most powerful family in Europe. It’s the Corleones on an Imperial scale.  


This is the epic story of Napoleon that has never been told.

DEATH OF THE BOOGEYMAN is the story of NHL enforcer Derek Boogaard who died at 28 from an overdose of prescription painkillers, and his father, Len, who, not satisfied with the answers from the NHL and their doctors, went on a quest to find justice for his son. 

THREE SCHIZOPHRENICS WALK OUT OF A BAR - A comedy/drama caper about three sisters, a no-good ex-con boyfriend, a bank robbery poorly planned, a missing case of beer, a talented, but lazy son musician, his not-so-talented but ambitious repo-girlfriend-by-day, singer-by-night, and a fight over the royalties to a song written years ago one of the sisters. Maybe.